High quality program

1. The education program

  • The education program is updated frequently so that our students can have the abilities to do research and develop practical applications.
  • Students are trained to enhance their self-ability, knowledge, foreign language, soft skills, and ability to adapt to the working environment.

2. Lecturers

  • Students are instructed by experienced professional lecturers with Master degree or higher degree; moreover, many lecturers have trained abroad.
  • Visiting lecturers and reporters are experts, scientists, entrepreneurs from organizations, enterprises, etc.
  • Teaching assistants and learning advisers are professional and conscientious.

3. Research and cooperation

  • Students can take part in research projects which are led by lecturers.
  • Enterprises are invited to participate in and support training and scientific research activities.

4. Career opportunity

  • After graduating from High Quality Program of the University of Information Technology, engineers are able to be in charge of varied positions and work for government agencies or research institutes.

5. Contact information

6. Regulation

  • Regulation on high quality program training is 163/QĐ-ĐHCNTT in 4/4/2017.