Honor program


  • The Honor Training curriculum is designed to achieve fundamental knowledge and enhanced special-purpose knowledge according to research orientation; promote creative thinking, self-learning ability; enhance practical skills, practical knowledge.
  • Students are expected to master basic knowledge and major knowledge; apply knowledge creatively into fields of science technology and practical applications.
  • Students are instructed by experienced professional lecturers with Doctor degree.
  • Facilities and equipment for learning and research of Honor Students are the priority.
  • Students with high scores will achieve University Scholarship.


The lecturers have a professional teaching and research experience with Doctor degree.


Graduating from Honor program, students will achieve a certificate following the regulation of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. The phrase “Honor program in Computer Science” will be printed in the certificate of Honor program. These students are prioritized to get a job and to apply for master programs, Ph.D. programs.