1. Overview
  • Faculty of Computer Science (CS) is part of University of Information Technology. Founded in June 2006, the Faculty of Computer Science is a center for research and education at the undergraduate (Bachelor of Science degree) and graduate levels (Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degree).
  • At present, CS has 3 departments: Knowledge engineering and machine learning, Natural language processing, and Computer vision and multimedia. Strong research groups exist in areas of artificial intelligence, computer vison, and natural language processing.

The members of CS

2. Philosophy of education
  • Computer Science department facilitates students in pursuing their passion and allows them to be freely creative. We train students with adaptability to handle the advance of science and technology, especially computer technology. It is our desire that students can utilize their full abilities to improve and to become global citizens. So they can take responsibility for the community and make it better.
  • The result of our education is the combination of (1) an up-to-date and advanced education program; (2) coursework flexibility (3) lecturers with solid knowledge and effective teaching method; (4) a modern educational environment and freedom in academics; (5) closing the theory-practice gap in accordance with reality of the situation.